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Foldable classic men sunglasses 20144

Production Description

Sunglasses are a kind of vision care products to prevent the strong stimulation of sunlight from causing damage to the eyes. With the continuous improvement of people's material level, sunglasses can now be used as special accessories for beauty or personal style. Therefore, its function is no longer limited to blocking sunlight.

This foldable sunglasses puts aside cumbersome decoration and design, fits the modern trend design concept between fashion and function, and understands the needs of the crowd with a keen sense of smell. Make glasses that are more comfortable and fashionable to wear.

Folding design makes it easier to carry and reduces the space for placement. The professional high-definition lens design presents the true colors that the human eye can see. Colleagues who protect their eyes return to nature.

Folding sunscreen sunglasses, UV400, ultra-light texture, directional full folding, not easy to deform, and the process is smooth. It only takes three steps to filter and protect the eyes. The square and round line contours perfectly combine the sense of fashion and the degree of fit, which can better neutralize various facial contours.Wearing sunglasses in summer has the first effect of sun protection, which can protect the fragile eye skin from sunburn or melanin precipitation. Secondly, it can prevent wrinkles, avoid photophobia and squint, and form fine lines around the eyes. It can also protect the eyeballs.

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